Monday, 9 March 2015


She looked like a very familiar stranger. Her smile was very warm with a touch of dry ice in her psyche. She was very welcoming but stayed distant. She was so desperate to scream , her cries deafed the silence Of her subconscious. she couldn't fake it adroitly. Yet she thought she was doing it well.

She loved to observe,she found solace in reminiscing the actions of others and making her imagination dance through countless stories. She felt too Dejected to speak up. All she was capable of doing was flashing a smile and break a little on the inside.

The serenity came to her in choosing to goof around kids,they took her away from all the chaos in her soul. The peeps bore the answers of her Never - ending doubts and questions. She was scared of them,she knew they wore veils of kindness and care ,beneath of which lied fangs of hatred and envy and snare.

She found a solution,a remedy to heal her throbbing wound and seal the dying nectar in her. She knew it was the best - to watch and that's what she did. She watched.